Many companies choose to “consolidate” services related to the logistics of imported or exported material to a single company specialising in this business and thus have only one communication channel, which can carry out all or part of the services, but managing this Part of this supply chain.

AKHAVA can directly perform the international freight services (maritime and air) and customs clearance. We also manage the entire process door-to- door, where, through our partners, we can perform complementary services such as warehousing and road transportation anywhere on the planet.

Good information is correct and timely information, no matter the channel. Therefore, according to your need, we keep you fully informed about your process, which may be by customer area, by e-mail, spreadsheets and telephone.

We deliver or collect your cargo / merchandise in most countries, making transparent and truthful management of the facts, attacking points of improvement in a professional manner, with impartial analysis of the facts to provide concrete improvements in the process.

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São Paulo

Rua Jandiatuba, nº 506 – Bloco B
5º andar – Sala 529
Vila Andrade – São Paulo – SP
CEP : 05716-150

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